Torrentfunk 2020: Illegal Hollywood Movies Download

The world wide web is filled with piracy sites which upload and share content online at no cost. Online piracy is tough to monitor and prevent, as police frequently struggle to unmask the founders of site because of online anonymity. ThePirateBay is unquestionably among the most important and most notorious piracy sites on the planet. It’s also among the earliest piracy/torrent sites online.

Around Torrentfunk

Many men and women utilize torrent sites to download movies online at no cost. But, ThePirateBay’s online page delivers far more than just films. The site also uploads video games, books, anime, TV shows and paid applications. The site also has films from several areas, including Bollywood films, Korean and Japanese movies, and much more.

Any criminal charges confronted

But, alternate versions of this site continue to be practical and there are several alternative domain names for ThePirateBay.

Audio, video, programs, games, alternative

Torrentfunk is notorious for leaking films, TV shows, and matches. The web site has also leaked high profile titles such as Skyrim, GTA 5, Fallout 4, along with others.

According to, a website which gives data on sites across various classes, ThePirateBay includes a worldwide Alexa Rank of 42,244. This position is based on traffic information accumulated by across a significant number of internet users across the world. According to, the prevalence of ThePiratebay has improved within the previous 90 days as its International Alexa Rank shifted from 444,835 into 42,244. Furthermore, suggests that 1.0 webpages on this website are declared daily per user with daily time spent around the website being 0:21 moments (This advice was reported found in on June 16, 2020, also doesn’t maintain accuracy of this data neither accepts any responsibility for exactly the same).

Worldwide Google Trends evaluation of Torrentfunk’ search attention for the Last 12 months Country Wise Search Interest

What’s the estimated value of Torrentfunk

In accordance with, a site which gives details on the worthiness of sites, ThePirateBay has an estimated value of US$ 565,600. This estimated value is based on’s automatic estimation of their advertising revenue of a site based on its visitors and rank information, such as data from Additionally, ThePirateBay not merely affects the film business by distributing pirated content however based on, It’s also estimated to Earn advertising earnings of US$ 169,560 yearly through a estimated 11.33 Million visits annually which surf the estimated 56.61 million pages Each Year (This advice has been reported found in on June 16, 2020, also doesn’t maintain accuracy of the data neither accepts any responsibility for the same)

Disclaimer – This page doesn’t aim to promote or condone piracy at all. This web page intends to inform the general public regarding piracy and invite them to be more protected from these functions. We request you to not promote or take part in piracy in any kind .

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